Walnut Hill Elementary brings together students from a variety of cultural and social backgrounds. The students learn to work together, and develop an appreciation and respect for each other’s strengths. The PTA Minions are an informal network of students from grades pre-K through fifth who have joined together to serve their school and the community at large.

The Minions cheerfully volunteer to help whereever they are needed and turn even the most mundane tasks into a joyous event full of fun and laughter. Whether it’s creating event signage, helping to carry and set up for events, planning and running a lemonade stand, baking cookies and desserts, or organizing a canned food drive for the North Texas Food Bank, the Minions are always willing to pitch in and get the job done.

The Minions are currently hosting a Food Drive for the North Texas Food Bank beginning on December 11th, and ending at the Winter Wonderland event on December 16th. If you are able, please join them in their fight against childhood hunger.