Dad’s Club

The Walnut Hill Dad’s Club is a volunteer organization within the Walnut Hill Elementary PTA. The Dad’s club strives to enrich the education of students by modeling characters of kindness, service, and community. The Dad’s club provides assistance and support for PTA events and works with the teachers and faculty to improve the school facilities. Most importantly, the Dad’s Club provides an opportunity for fathers to spend time with their children within a committed network of other involved fathers.

The Dad’s Club provides manpower for a multitude of educational, social, and fundraising activities for the kids…and mixes in lots of dad socializing as well. Examples of some of the Dad’s Club projects include building the wooden Christmas trees, the Hawtoberfest haunted house, pictures with Santa at the Winter Wonderland, and every Friday, kids night out and a movie.

One of the great things about the Dad’s Club is they get to choose the projects they work on. Often real life is full of things you have to get done that don’t really interest you. When you join the Walnut Hill Dad’s Club, you get to pick what you want to do, and spend time with the guys. It even gives you an excuse to put off the no fun real life stuff. Who can argue with the excuse “I can’t do that because I have to help the Walnut Hill Dad’s Club further my child’s education?”

The Walnut Hill Dad’s Club is always looking for new members to help. Anything you want to do is appreciated, whether it is building a bench, painting a mural on a wall, serving food, organizing an event, building a haunted house, fixing a basketball goal, or numerous other tasks that can put your skills to good use for the school. In addition to dads, we welcome any other male role models such as uncles, older brothers, grandfathers, coaches, and stepfathers, etc. The Walnut Hill Dad’s Club has a long history at Walnut Hill, so please come be a part of your child’s history.

The Dad’s Club meetings are held the third Thursday of every month at different restaurants in the neighborhood. Business is usually handled at the beginning of the meetings, and the rest of the time is open to meet and socialize with other Walnut Hill Dad’s. Please mark your calendars and plan to join us – the more the merrier!

If you have questions regarding the Walnut Hill Dad’s Club or are looking for volunteer opportunities, please reach out to Able Ramirez at